5 Crib Mattresses Babies Love

5 Crib Mattresses Babies Love

It is often not as easy as singing a lullaby for your baby to fall fast asleep, though every parent with a voice and a repertoire of tunes has surely given it a try and hoping this was so.

Most of the time, it’s not your voice that isn’t putting them to sleep, it is based on where the little ones lay their head to sleep. With that in mind, let’s talk about one of the most crucial baby products you’ll spend your money on: crib mattresses. They are a necessary option to consider, not just for comfort and practicality, but in terms of safety and proper development.

The subject of a baby mattress may seem mundane enough to put any parent to sleep but it is a very important decision.  As a parent let me speak from personal experience three times over, the whole idea of purchasing a baby bed has to include a sturdy and safe crib frame with comfortable yet solid crib mattress.

Crib Mattresses: What You Need To Consider

Now finding the right infant mattress is decided by necessity and personal choice meeting somewhere in the middle at satisfaction. A baby mattress is home to an infant for almost two years and it is the most significant time to make rest time the best time.

You will be sorry every time with sleepless nights for both you and baby and may even prove to be more costly in the long run than you think.

Consider the S factors, size and support.

Size does matter and all the crib mattresses below that we have recommended here at BabyEnvye, meet the ‘standard crib mattress size’ as defined and regulated by the Federal Government.

So what is the ‘standard crib mattress size’ then?

Regulations state the following as the standard crib mattress size.

Size: Minimize Size is to be no less than 27 1/4” x 51 5/8”

Thickness: No more than 6 inches (typically it’s between 5 – 5.5 inches – see below)

Do You Want Foam Crib Mattress, Innerspring, or Organic?

You should be quite familiar with the foam option that can consist from basic foam to the more technology based memory foam crib mattress. For your memory, remember memory costs more (Easy right?). A memory foam baby mattress is the heavy weight contender in the crib mattress arena. Based on thickness it wins hands down with a 3-6 inch reach and recovery rate of comfort and support.

Innerspring infant mattresses offer the next level experience that may cause you to smile both inward and outwardly at the firmness and support it provides but don’t let the more expensive cost erase your smile. It is just another option available.

The Green Factor: The Organic Crib Mattress

 The return to natural living is an option that may open your eyes to its lure. Think of organic as all natural materials that come from nature (from wood to wool) that will make up an organic crib mattress. By buying one of these, you foster a chemical free zone around your baby; no harmful toxins, no allergic reactions.

Best Crib Mattresses

BabyEnvye Rank Brand Ranking Factor Type Weight Size Price
1 Moonlight Slumber Best Selling Foam 10.3 pounds Standard Check $$
2 Sealy Soybean Trusted Name Foam (From Soybeans) 8.3 pounds Standard Check $
3 Simmons Beautyrest Good All Around (Price & Quality) Innerspring 19.4 pounds Standard Check $$
4 Naturepedic Most Natural Crib Mattress Organic 50 pounds Standard Check $$$
5 Safety 1st Super Cheap! Foam 7.8 pounds Standard Crib Size Check $

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer


Product Price Product Rating Product Info

It is definitely a hands down winner. With organic standards freedom from PVC,lead, toxicity and extra high density makes this a natural favorite. Economically and safe benefits will be a comfort to your child. It also has a sleek, modern, and elegant appearance.


Sealy Soybean


Product Price Product Rating Product Info

That Sealy Name – Known for relaxation and comfort support is the key with this Sealy Soybean  Foam-Core Mattress due to the soy based high density foam. No sag, bag, or lag in its usefulness hands down with a natural approach to soybean based construction and the American standard. The Sealy name is one of the most trusted offerings years of reputation.


Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Crib Mattress

Product Price  Product Rating Product Info

Safety and comfort as number one priority, multidimensional and functional growing with the child. It can be transformed from a crib to toddler bed as the circumstance permits. Keeping your baby dry is what this mattress does with water resistant hypoallergenic cover. Though this mattress keeps baby dry it will not go up in flames due to the standard of flammability certification that covers it.


Naturally Naturepedic


Product Price  Product Rating Product Info

This is another great option of the diverse choices out there with its dual purpose. It will serve your baby and in turn be useful when baby hits toddler stage. The infant mattress side is firmer to support baby and the toddler side is softer to match the changing needs. It is made of organic cotton that promotes a more natural and healthy sleeping environment.


Safety 1st


Product Price  Product Rating Product Info

Always safety first when it comes to your baby. This mattress provides a protective and secure sleeping environment for any little one. The fact that it is called heavenly provides a basis for sweet sleep. The Safety 1st mattress is lightweight yet with a deep density bonded core for the firmest yet comfortable support out there. The mattress meets all of the federal requirements to combat flammability. This special mattress is absent of harmful chemicals truly making baby’s environment safety first.


Armed with some of the best choices of baby mattresses in hand the only final considerations necessary are what mattress cover and bedding you need. Now one can place that precious baby to bed finishing off with a perfect lullaby that soothes baby and you finally, Good Night.


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    So true, this is all parents need to choose from. My 8 month old has the Naturepedic and I’m buying the Moonlight Slumber for my sister expecting her first child soon.

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