Strengthening Parent-Baby Bond

Strengthening Parent-Baby Bond

To Strengthen That Divine Bond, You Have to Sacrifice

The moment when you hold a tiny baby in your arms for the first time, instantly your life changes in its entirety. The bond between a Mom and a baby is something not of this earth, this bond has been created in the heavens and bestowed upon you.

This bond comes with a certain cost, sacrificing your beloved things for the comfort of your child, is what makes a Mommy indispensable part of a kid’s life. The journey to sacrifice your desires for the little one starts long before he or she came into this world, a mother leaves a lot of things  while pregnant just for the health and safety of the baby.

But, the time when you hold him or her in your arms, is the very moment when a mother knows that she has to do everything in her power (and beyond) to keep this baby safe and comfortable.

The relation between a Mom and a child is divine and to strengthen that divine bond you have to make some sacrifices like you own Mom did. Been there, done that, trust me, there is no escaping those “sacrifices”.

Now you are a Mom, your designation has been promoted and you are going to fulfill different kinds of responsibilities. I know sometimes it gets annoying to give up the things you loved to do the most, but what else choice do you have?? Now the priority list has been updated and that little bird in at the top of the list.

Here are the things that I gave up after being a Mom, you can add more to the list and share your experience with me and our readers here:

Your High Heels

Newborns Love to be in your arms for like, 23 hours

The thing you love most (at least I did, but after a few failed attempts of holding my baby in my arms while wearing my 5 inch heel, I gave up). I assure you, you do not want to experience this as I did, carrying a baby while putting on your favorite shoes. It can be a bid big embarrassment in the public, so watch out Moms, you are stepping into a dangerous territory.

Sound Sleep

That was a real thing before

What is this with the newborns and the nights?? How come they get so fresh and active and hungry and thirsty after every half an hour??? Say bye, bye to your good night sleep Moms, you are not going to get them again for a while at least. But that is not much of a price for such a beautiful gift that has been given to you.

A Timetable

Routine is no more a thing you could set as you wish

Now the new routine would be set up according to the baby’s sleep time mostly. Try waking up before them so you could manage the household, otherwise you would be in trouble, those little attention seekers won’t let you do anything while they are awake. House cleaning, laundry, cooking, guests are coming over everything you will manage according to the routine of your little angel. Then again, you are a Mom now, you have to sacrifice.

Me Time

What? You kidding? There is no such thing

Well, well, well every woman (before baby) thinks that she could and would manage everything with a little baby, but let me break the truth to you that is not even possible. You have to forget the “me” time. You won’t be able to go anywhere, anytime before packing the diapers, feeder bottle, dry milk, napkins, extra shirts, something for tummy ache and water in a kiddy bag (I might leave a few things, my youngest is now 4, yayyyy). Yeah, the baby will go with you unless you want to leave your newborn with a babysitter (honestly speaking I couldn’t do that).

The Long Phone Calls to Your Friends

A past memory

First of all, you won’t be getting much time on your hands to make long calls to your friends or even to hang out with them. But in any case if you get enough time to call any of your friends, it won’t be for long trust me. No, you won’t give up, your friends would, after all, for how long they could hear about the poop color or types of vomiting. They are not interested).

The above list covers only the initial things you are going to give up, this never-ending love will demand never-ending sacrifices (and you would do this happily). So Moms get ready for a quick change in your life and do share with me what has your baby changed in your life till yet.

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