Why Do Newborn Babies Cry So Much? Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

Why Do Newborn Babies Cry So Much? Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

As soon as you step into the territory of motherhood, there is no turning back. You will have to watch and learn every second of this adventure and it will teach you the best of lessons. But, the thing to remember is, this is not only you who entered into an unknown world, but it’s also your child aswell.

Newborn’ s leave the warmth and coziness of their mother’s womb and came into a stranger world then where they just spent 9 months of their life. There are reasons why they cry a lot and you need to understand reasons why they cry so you can help them not cry so much, for your sake and theirs. The few reasons I have come up with in my journey of motherhood are listed below; have a look, maybe it will help you understand your baby angel better.

They Are Hungry and Sleepy

Most of the Time

During the first few weeks of newborn life, babies sleep for about 16-17 hours per day, but it would be in 2-4 hours sleep at a time may it be day or night. You need to make your baby not only warm but cozy so they can sleep peacefully and sound. Babies like comfort and a method of comfort is to feel cozy.

Also you might find yourself nursing 8-12 times each day. But, this routine will remain such for the first month only. Keep them well fed and keep them rested whenever they want, babies will dictate their own schedule and a major reason why they cry is because you are trying to dedicate it. Babies like to create their own schedule and you will need to follow. To aid in soothing your baby I found to be magically effective is this baby soother:

They Are Communicating

The Only Way They Know

Sometimes they cry just because that is the only way they know for communication. They will cry, they will make fuss to tell you about the things they need at the very moment. Just check them closely and try to find what is disturbing your little birdy.

They Want Attention

Which is already focused on them 24/7

Whenever they notice that no one is around them, what do babies do? Cry. Newborn and young babies crave attention, unaware of the fact that they are already getting it from everyone, everyday, every hour. You might want to use some beautiful crib toys to make them focused somewhere else, I used Fisher-Price Precious Planet and my babies were actually happy content and relaxed with it, and I got some free time on my hand while they were busy observing the sounds and movements of toys.

They Cry Because They Want To

Ahh!! The sad part, they to need something to fight the boredom

And then there is the fact that they do it out of habit, because they have nothing else to do. Do not get too worried about the random crying (unless its tummy ache, in that case you would feel it by tapping on their little tummy). Hold them in your arms and try to converse, it will make him busy for a while.

The Poop Problem

Yes, you are going to face a lot of poop that you could have ever imagine, but wait, why would anyone imagine poop??

As I said above, tummy ache (newborns suffer from it regularly) can be a cause of crying. You also need to check their poop every nappy change, to notice any change in color or texture (yeah, I know). By understanding and monitoring the timing of their poop, you will be able to notice any difference instantly. A dirty diaper can also be a reason for crying.

So Moms, do not be scared if you think your newborn cries a lot. In most cases it is just normal, every baby cries, and they cry often, you newborn or young one isn’t the only one.

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