Best Baby Monitors: Keeping an Eye on Your Baby 24/7

Best Baby Monitors: Keeping an Eye on Your Baby 24/7

It’s natural for a parent to worry about the welfare of their little ones when they are not with them.

Are they uncomfortable?

Is he/she sleeping in the right position?

Is he/she breathing alright?

Is the room temperature just right for them?

These are some the questions that run through your mind as a parent and without proper methods of keeping tabs on your little bundle of joy, parenting can leave you frustrated to the point of breaking down and worrying, every, single minute of every, single day.

However, thanks to modern technology, baby monitors with video are here to make your parenting experience breezy, convenient and most of all, you can monitor your little angle from virtually anywhere – from a different room, on the road or even from the office.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are three main types of baby monitors – Baby Monitors that connects to smartphones, Wi-Fi video monitors and standard baby monitors.

Baby Monitor w/ Smartphone Wifi Video Monitor Standard Baby Monitor
Audio and visual Audio and visual Audio only
Syncs with your smartphone Equipped with monitor Uses a monitor
Programmable lullabies Polyphonic lullabies Polyphonic lullabies
Connects via Internet Connects through your home WIFI Limited range
Interactive Interactive Not all have a talk back function
Multiple users Some allow multiple users Single user
Video and audio recording capability Video and audio recording capability No recording capability

Type 1: Baby Monitors That Connect To Smartphones

Smartphones aren’t just gadgets that keeps you connected to your friends only, they are your new allies in keeping proper vigil on your little bundle of innocence as lie in their cribs, swathed in their snuggly little blanket. Just swipe your iphone, or android phone and turn it into a smart baby monitor – watch you little one cooing and making happy noises that most certainly will lift your spirits.

Withings Smart Baby Monitors


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The Withings Smart Baby Monitors allows multiple logins to keep tabs on your little one – the nanny at home; you from the office and well, grandpa don’t visit very often? Give them a login and let them interact with their grandchild. Distance is no longer an impediment. Talk to your little one and watch their little face break out the most amazing of smiles at the sound of your voice, lull them to sleep with soothing lullabies and monitor their movement and the room temperature. With the customizable alerts feature, you are spoilt for choice on what alerts to receive about your baby. The baby monitor app conveniently runs in the background of your device, leaving you free to keep in touch with friends or getting some work done on the same device.


iphone Baby Monitor


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The iphone Baby Monitor lets you follow your baby’s every single movement without having to physically reposition the infant video monitor when your little bundle of joy shifts sleeping position. At the swipe on your iPhone, the high resolution swiveling camera lets you have total access to your baby. Goodbye worries and uncertainties, with the the iphone baby monitor camera you can see what your little angle is up to, 24 hours a day. The free ibabyapp lets you monitor your baby’s movement, sound, read them a bedtime story as well as take absolutely amazing still pictures of your baby and share them on social media. Sleek and highly versatile, the ibaby monitor lets you set up in less of ten minutes – no technical knowledge necessary.

WiFi Baby


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When you need to keep an eye on things at home while you’re away as well as keeping vigil on you innocent little bundle, you can’t go wrong with a wifi baby monitor. It’s a baby monitor and nanny cam rolled into one and features a smooth and clear video streaming and recording capability. Featuring the highest compatibility in the market, keep tabs on your baby’s activities and needs from your smartphone, windows and kindle devices, they are the best wifi baby monitors available. Hook it up to you home Wi-Fi network and you can interact with your baby from four different cameras around the house. Ensure your baby is showered with love and affection by the caregiver by using it as a nanny cam; it features an in-built nanny cam DVR

Type 2: Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitors

 These types of LCD baby monitors are equipped with a digital camera to show video footage on the receivers such as television sets and are quite similar to webcam baby monitors.

Infant Optics Baby Monitors

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Featuring three interchangeable lens technologies, infant optics baby monitors are cameras that grow with your family. Swap between a close up camera that gives you an intimate view of your toddler and a panoramic lens that allows a wider angle when your baby is highly mobile. With Wi-Fi baby monitors, you can link up to four cameras and have a crisp colored view of your little bundle of joy in various rooms of your home. The two-way talk back system allows you to sooth them whenever they seem agitated or when you seeking a little uplifting from baby cackle. These video baby monitors feature a retractable antennae and sound activated LCD display units to alert you whenever you little bundle of joys needs attention.


Motorola Baby Monitor

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Can’t quite sing a lullaby to soothe the restless baby to sleep? Well, with Motorola Baby Monitor which is baby monitor with WI FI, it doesn’t matter whether you only sing in the shower.

Select from a preset five lullabies and watch your baby on the colored screen as they sail away to dreamland. With five LED alerts for noise levels, this is one of the best baby monitors as it lets grow health, wealthy and strong by ensuring they slumber away peacefully.

The superior two way communication keeps you apprised of any development in your baby room and offers consistent wireless connectivity as well as encrypted data transmission. Need to soak in some sun while the little one naps? The impressive long distance baby monitor gives you 200 meters range lets you enjoy a stroll in the backyard and alerts you when you move out of range.


Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

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Need to spend more quality time with your little bundle of joy in living colors? The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom is just the perfect embodiment of your dream. Enjoy the amazing range that lets you monitor your little one with astounding clarity from 500 feet and get more tasks accomplished in your day while the little baby sleeps. The crystal clear display equipped with night vision gives you total control, while the over 12 hours PEEP mode enables you to enjoy a full night sleep – no more eye bags and make for a perfect summer video baby monitor.


Samsung Video Baby Monitors

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Samsung Video Baby Monitors afford you a picture perfect view of your baby -with zoom capability as they play in their little crib. Pan, tilt or zoom the camera remotely from your monitor and sing soothing song to your baby from the comfort of your bedroom – the quite mode removes any background noises, making it the best for baby monitoring. The remote controlled night light complements your effort to sooth the baby to sleep and the infrared effectively lets you monitor them from upto 15 feet at night.


Type 3: Standard Baby Monitors

 These types of monitors are quite antiquated and pale in comparison with the more advanced monitors in the market. These cheap baby monitors only alert you when there is movement or noise emanating from the baby nursery.

Snuza Baby Monitor

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Made from hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics, the snuza baby monitor features a vibration capability to stimulate the baby when movement is not sensed for 15 seconds. I classify this more of a baby movement monitor rather than a traditional baby monitor, one that you can view or hear the baby from another room.


Philips Avent Baby Monitor


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The Philips Avent DECT portable Baby Monitor allows you to play a choice of five lullabies; features a night mode that calms your child at night as well as allowing you to talk back to them – a two way baby monitor. These long range baby monitor features an impressive 330 meters range and a wireless rechargeable docking unit for ease of mobility.


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